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29 Jun

I wasn’t looking to post a personal best but I did have every intention of running the Scotia Half Marathon on Sunday but…. didn’t. My intuition is so good, I just need to listen to it more carefully; I had an feeling my plans were going to fall apart and they did late Saturday night. I lay awake in bed at the crack of dawn on Sunday wishing I had made alternative plans and agreed to commute up to UBC with Hank. I was pissed off at myself; I wanted to run so I should have just done so and figured out the logistics afterwards.

Big congratulations to Hank, he ran the Scotia Half marathon in 1:32:18 Impressive especially if you knew how much (or little) time was actually dedicated to his training. Way to go!!!

After a pot of coffee while watching the soccer match between Argentina and Mexico I was still beating myself up so decided to lace up. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get angry more often… rage really seems to help my speed.


Over the past few months I’ve been cursed with really bad sleeping patterns  and I feel as if I exist on adrenaline; and every so often I crash losing total motivation to do anything at all. Yesterday at work I was worn out and wished for nothing more than ONE good night of sleep; so I decided to go to the Steve Nash Gym and exert myself to the point of exhaustion. I jumped on the treadmill and ran 5 km in 27 minutes and then went straight into an hour spin class. Although I worked my ass off, I must admit this was one of the worst instructor’s that I have ever had. In my personal opinion the spin teacher (personal trainer or aerobic instructor) should not be panting harder than me, especially if they are working less than me. How can I possibly be motivated and take the instructor seriously when I’m being told to push harder from someone who demonstrates no fitness or athletic ability? Am I wrong for thinking this way?

Either way I made it my ride and gave er’ my all! My legs were shaking and I was completely soaked. I was convinced that this 90 workout would absolutely do the trick and induce me into an eight hour coma. Wahhhhh!! Yet another sleepless night!!! I’m about to lose my mind!!! Does anyone have a good insomnia remedy? I’m ready to try anything!!

PT Girl xo

It’s Not All About Me?

3 Apr

With only 32 days before my race I decided to up my training for the next few weeks. On Monday I followed-up my spin class with a five kilometer run on the treadmill. On Tuesday I was pumped and ready to add a five kilometer run after my personal training session with deWolf. I thought this was pretty ambitious. But I was quickly told differently.  Seemingly I should be putting in a ten kilometer run rather than a measly five. I quote, straight from the “Fitness Lord’s” mouth “Lazy! God forbid if you actually put real effort into your training, imagine what you could accomplish.” I laughed because I knew he was somewhat teasing. This is our rapport, this is how we communicate; we banter back and forth, we mock each other and we argue about everything! Amused I said “Oh pleeeze… stop poking the bear already?!” to which he replied “Haha a bear? You’re no bear! You’re as threatening as a kitten!” Alight, I was ready to rumble; in five minutes he’d called me lazy and unintimidating.

As the training session went on he continued the abuse me, poor PT Girl, calling me untrustworthy with no substantial reasoning. Is the “Personal Training Domain” not a place where the client can share stories, concerns and woes?  This is definitely the case on the Biggest Loser. Where is my compassionate Bob? I know Personal Trainers don’t actual take a PT-Client oath but I assumed it went without saying.  What am I supposed to talk about? The character development of the TV series Lost? Movies reviews? Or the weather perhaps? BORING!!

The session wrapped up and during a stretch deWolf started to snicker. “What?” I asked. “Nothing.” he said. I looked up at him unconvinced and he followed with “PT Girl, it’s not all about you, you know!”Absolutely perplexed I said “WHAT?? …It’s not?” Can someone please tell me what this man is talking about?

I changed into my outdoor running shoes and got ready for my run. Listening to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance my mind drifted and I started replaying the events of today’s session in my head “lazy…kitten… can’t keep a secret… lazy, kitten …it’s not all about you…” As the words ran through my mind I started to laugh and my legs went faster and faster. “Ahhaha, another great workout!” I giggled. I’m looking forward to getting ribbed some more at my next session… Meow!

PT Girl xo

I’m Back

29 Mar

After a three day hiatus I was determined to get back at it today. I was itching to get a long run in but the rain just wouldn’t let up. I checked the Steve Nash Sports Facility website to confirm the spinning class schedule. I could make the 4:30 p.m. session but would have to put aside my extreme dislike of the instructor.  His name is Daniel and although I have to admit he works our butts off during the short 45 minute class, he’s also extremely arrogant and condescending. Twenty minutes into class Daniel walks over to me “Engage your core” he yelled pointing at me. “Are you freaking kidding me?? Calling me out?! ARGH!!” I thought, infuriated.  The class went on and I climbed every mountain he told us to climb and sprinted every time he shouted, getting more and more drenched as the minutes went by. Then out of nowhere “Come on people!! STOP slacking! There’s no point of being here if you don’t do this right! You’re wasting my time and your energy by not efficiently pushing & pulling on the pedals. Besides, you burn more calories by doing it right! I don’t need to burn more calories but I’m guessing some of you here want to…right?” I couldn’t believe my ears!

As soon as the classes ended I grabbed a disinfected towel, wiped down my bike and bolted.  I jumped on the nearest treadmill and started running. I’m told if I’m ever going to attempt a half iron man the most challenging transition is going from riding the bike then switching to running. The first few minutes my legs were a little wobbly but there were no aches or pains.  I felt strong and ran the last ten minutes quicker then usually; pushing until I had nothing left in me. Feeling fantastic I jumped off the treadmill.  “I’m back baby!”

PT Girl xo

Staying Injury Free

27 Feb


Where do you typically run; concrete, treadmill, trails, the running track? All these surfaces have pros and cons. Your best bet is to try and mix it up whenever you can.

Walk breaks

I personally dislike breaks and try to avoid them. But when I first started to run I took walk breaks a lot.  Professionals say walk breaks are key and should be taken before feeling gassed. This type of training is designed to increases your endurance and help avoid injuries. (Especially for newer runners)


Keep a comfortable pace while training. You should be able to maintain a light conversation or recite a poem (slightly winded). If you are signing along to Lady Gaga or Britney on your iPod you are not pushing hard enough but if you can barely get a word out, you’re definitely pushing too hard – slow down!!


Running 101: only increase your mileage 10% every week.  Add an extra run day to your schedule or add extra minutes to your existing runs. Always listen to your body and if necessary only increase your mileage every second week.


Take a day off every week, recovery is very important. Get eight hours of sleep and make sure your diet includes plenty of carbs and protein to help recovery.

Mix it up

Trade in one of your runs for a spin class, do some laps in the pool or modify one of your runs to include some sprints, hills and speed work.


Your running shoes should be worn outside and on the treadmill.   A good pair of sneakers should last you 300-500 miles.  Check the bottoms every 5-6 months and invest in a new pair when the bottoms are worn to avoid injuries.

Soft Landing

Your heels or mid foot should hit the ground first then transferring your weight into your toes; always landing softly without expending extra energy. If you tend to run on your toes for long periods of time, don’t be surprised if you encounter shin splints.

Aches & pains

When slight aches and pains start affecting your stride take a break until you heal. Running through it or ignoring the issues can cause serious problem which will inhibit you from running for an extended period of time. Trust me… when your knee locks up 15 km away from home you’ll wish you’d taken the time off to heal. I know I did! Read standard RICE.

We all have an injury story and we all have our bad habits. Recognizing our bad behaviors is the first step to correcting them. I never carry water or electrolytes and I rarely stretch. What’s your bad habit?

PT Girl xo

Picking Up Speed

18 Feb

Since the start of January I’ve attended twelve Training Sessions at deWolf Training, each designed to increase my core and leg strength as well as improve my overall speed. I also did four, 45 minute workouts on the treadmill focusing on speed & uphill intervals (my least favorite workout) and I ran over 85 km outside. Finally… on tonight’s run I felt the hard work starting to pay off!

After my day at the office I wasn’t feeling that great, but the sun was out (which can be rare around here this time a year) and since I’ve been banned to the treadmill for over a week I was determined to get out on the road.  I was mentally prepared for people dodging on the seawall, since the city of Vancouver is bombarded with travelers attending the 2010 Winter Olympics.

By the time I got outside and fiddled with my Garmin, the temperature had dropped but the sun was still shining. Masses of people were milling about enjoying the city’s beautiful scenery. I started off strong and was able to maintain my speed as I ran over the Burrard Bridge; I hit the 5 km mark in 27 minutes. I felt great and kept going. At 8 km I was heading home along Pacific Blvd and wasn’t stopped by any red lights but was forced to zigzag through hundreds of people strolling in my neighborhood.

I sprinted the last block and a half using every inch of power in me and magically everyone moved out of my way. “Ah ah! I’m like Moses parting the red sea” I chuckled to myself.

I ran 9.2 km in 51 minutes which is a pace of 5:33 per km. I’m aware this ain’t world class, but it’s a great improvement for me and more importantly felt very manageable. My goal is to run my half marathon in 1h55min (5:27 per km).  Stay tuned for an update on my long 17 km run on Saturday morning.

PT Girl xo

Carb Craver

15 Feb

I had a restless sleep and woke up feeling lethargic and cranky; lucky husband! Sigh

Groggy with my eyes half shut I got out of bed, leashed up my Yorkshire terrier and my French bulldog and brought them out for their morning walk. When I got back up to the condo I changed into my NIKE gear, drank a glass of water, grabbed my iPod, and heading down to the gym. It wasn’t cold out and it wasn’t raining so I’m not sure what possessed me to decide to run the treadmill rather than my usual route outside?

Aware of my dysfunctional relationship with the treadmill, I entered the gym attempting to psych myself “This is a short and easy run. I can do this in my sleep. Just focus on the tunes and be done in less than 40 minutes!”

Running on an empty stomach in the morning isn’t usually a problem if I keep it to less than 10 km. But as soon as I started I felt weak. My mind wanders and I couldn’t grasp a single positive thought. With the unchanging scenery I stared at the timer on the treadmill watching the seconds tick by in ultra slow motion. “My god I can’t take it!!!” I succumbed to my negativity and jumped off as I reach the 5 km mark.

When I arrived at the office I realized I was starving and my carb craving was in full swing. I was salivating at the thought of chocolate, pastries and pasta. I don’t get these intense cravings very often and tried to recognize what was triggering them.

Why do we crave carbs?

  • Going too long without eating causes low blood pressure and increase cravings
  • Consuming white rice, white bread, sweets and sugar products will fuel hunger since these foods are high glycemic and low in fibre.
  • Protein helps to keep blood sugar normal, make sure your  get enough
  • Low calorie diet
  • Poor sleeping habits and high stress levels
  • Low consumption of high fiber carbs, especially if you are exercising regularly can cause cravings as well as low energy levels.

I figured that my sleepless night combined with the low calorie diet I’ve been on for about two weeks and yesterday’s Valentine sugar overload were to blame for my crankiness and my cravings. Rather than surrendering to my sugar longing I planned a healthy dinner that would curb my evil sweet tooth.  Check out my Healthy Turkey Meatballs & Spaghetti Squash. This recipe is loaded with healthy carbohydrates, nutrients and protein. Yum!

PT Girl xo